What is content marketing and how can it benefit my business?

Content Marketing

What is content marketing and how can my business benefit from it?

Content marketing has, believe it or not, been around for a very long time! Still, most people ask the question, “What is content marketing?”. Let’s break it down, because in the end content marketing is not all that complicated and it can greatly benefit any business, especially yours!

Content marketing: The definition  

Basically, it is using valuable content to build a community around your business or brand. When I say valuable content, I mean relevant, educational and consistent content for your specific audience. This type of content is created for your audience to use, engage with and learn from. It’s content that doesn’t necessarily have anything directly to do with what you are selling, but it gives your audience free information from a reliable source. This allows you to build a community around your product or business that trusts the content that you put out there, which will lead to trust in your business and in the end to sales.

Content marketing: What it isn’t

Content marketing isn’t about your products or your services, and it is definitely not about direct sales! Marketing, in the traditional sense, is all about telling people about your product or service and getting them to buy into it. This is exactly what content marketing is not. You are not directly marketing anything. You are however creating content that people need and that they trust in order for them to become loyal to your brand and then buy your products.

It’s all about the customerContent marketing is about your audience

The easiest way to find the answer to any question these days is to Google it, and your audience is doing it as well! The optimal place for your business to be is at the top of the search results, and content marketing can help you achieve that. Answering the questions that people Google through blog posts, videos, infographics and other assets is a sure way of leading any potential customer to your website and your product or service.

So, the key is to know your audience, know what they like, know what they need and know what questions they have. Once you have this, you can start creating content that will provide them with the answers through informative content. If the content is valuable enough, you will be able to build a community that trusts you and wants to hear what you have to say! These people are more likely to buy your product or use your services.

Content marketing examples for your business

The list of content marketing examples is endless and some may not work as well in one business as in another. So, rather than compile a comprehensive list, I would like to inspire you to find content marketing ideas that will best suit your business.

Blog articles

Content Marketing BlogBlog articles are featured on your website and answer the big questions that your audience asks. These articles can be anything from 750 – 2 000 words, and they provide your audience with enough valuable information so that they won’t need to search any further. It can come in the form of a How to… article or in an article about the Five easy ways to…, all you need to do is answer that burning question.


If you already have a good subscription-based following, a newsletter is the way to go. This allows you to provide the content that you create to everyone that subscribes! This works especially well of you are selling a product and you can provide your audience with additional information that relates to but is not specific to your product. So, no traditional marketing! You can provide your subscribers with invaluable advice on how to keep their pools clean and clear throughout the winter and have it summer ready in hours, while your business sells swimsuits and accessories!


A downloadable checklist is a great way to provide your audience with a simple yet effective way to check if they are doing something right. Along with a short article as explanation and encouragement, the checklist will give your audience a way to build confidence, self-correct or to realize that they need help, in essence, free expert advice from someone they trust.


An infographic is a long, vertical graphic that provides information through statistics, graphs and illustrations. Infographics can easily be shared on social media and posted on websites. They are ideal to communicate difficult content visually, which makes it more digestible in a fast-moving online world.

Quizzes and PollsContent marketing quiz

These are fun ways of giving your audience information! Content doesn’t always have to be serious and formal, you can have fun while still giving your audience the valuable content that they deserve. Through a quiz or a poll you can get to know your audience and they can get to know you!

Content marketing and how it can benefit my business

Content marketing and how it can benefit my business

Now that you understand what content marketing is, we need to look at how it can benefit your business! Whether your business is product-based or service-based, you can use content to market your business. A good place to start is with the buyers’ cycle. This is the process that every buyer goes through. There are 4 steps in the buyers’ cycle:

  1. Awareness: this is when the customer realizes that they have a problem that they need to solve.
  2. Consideration: once the customer has identified the problem they start looking for the solution, whether it be a service or a product.
  3. Intent: the customer has now come across a number of possible solutions. Then, they compare them to each other to see which one will suit them best.
  4. Purchase: this is when the customer actually buys the product of their choice.

Read more about the buyers’ cycle on ProfitWell.com.

Traditional marketing is geared towards steps three and four. These steps convince the customer that they should consider your product/service and get them to buy it. Step one and two is where content marketing comes in! It is here that you provide your customer with valuable content. This will give them the information that they need to make an informed decision. It is this trust in the information that you provide that will allow them to trust your product or service!

One last thing

The secret to content marketing is easy – provide valuable content! In today’s modern world, people are bombarded with ads and other in-your-face marketing material. If content marketing is done right, you will become the voice of wisdom and trust and so will your product or service. Content marketing by no means replaces traditional marketing. It complements it due to the fact that it fills the gap that traditional marketing does not cover.

Content marketing will benefit any business, even yours! At Nuance we can help you fill the marketing gap by creating valuable and consistent content for distribution across all digital platforms. Contact us to see how we can help you!

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Nov 5, 2020

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