Motherhood: the manual to becoming a great entrepreneur


Why motherhood makes you a great entrepreneur 

Motherhood does not come with a manual, but what if motherhood is actually the manual that makes you a great entrepreneur? I am sure that momtrepreneurs across the world will agree with this wholeheartedly! Being a mom is no easy feat, but it provides us with excellent skills that we can use in our own businesses. From mom to momtrepreneur, who knew it requires the same skills? Let’s dive into why motherhood is the manual that can make you a great entrepreneur.

What is a momtrepreneur?

The term ‘momtrepreneur’ is a fairly new word that describes a lot of 21st century women. To be very obvious, it’s basically mom + entrepreneur = momtrepreneur. But the role of a momtrepreneur is not all that obvious, it is in fact quite complicated. As a mom, you will most likely know the daily grind that accompanies motherhood! It is a juggle between keeping the kids in a routine, keeping them healthy, keeping them safe, and keeping the house relatively clean. These struggles are very similar to the struggles faced by entrepreneurs around the world, whether they are male or female. So, it’s easy to see why moms make good entrepreneurs. Even if you are a newbie entrepreneur you will soon learn what these struggles are all about. There are however lessons that you can learn from other entrepreneurs to make the journey smoother. Read our blog post about the 10 lessons that we learned as newbie entrepreneurs to see how we handled starting our momtrepreneur journey!

So, how does motherhood make you a great entrepreneur?

There aren’t a lot of companies that will put motherhood on their ‘must have’ skills list! Motherhood does, however, prepare you for a lot of things, but who knew that being an entrepreneur would be one of them?

Motherhood is messy

Motherhood is messyMoms are used to the dealing with the unexpected and the stress that accompanies it. From the uncertainty of potty-training and public tantrums to heart-melting sweet smiles and cuddles. We are always busy see-sawing between pure horror and bliss. As moms we have learned to take these unexpected events in our stride and to handle them with grace (well, most of the time!).

Entrepreneurs find themselves in similarly unexpected situations, from dealing with a demanding client to landing the ideal retainer. They have to be ready for anything. So, as momtrepreneurs, we already posses the skills necessary to handle these unexpected events with the confidence and grace needed in our business.

Expert negotiatorsNegotiations

Negotiating with an adult and potential client is one thing, but negotiating with a four-year-old to eat their vegetables is quite another! In the corporate world, these types of negotiation skills are learned over years through many courses and practical experience. As moms you have a mere couple of days to attain these skills as your little darling becomes your little monster overnight. As a momtrepreneur, negotiations with (sometimes) rational thinking adults become a breeze in comparison to what awaits you at home.

Multi-tasking like a pro   

Multitasking A mother’s time is always divided. Usually between multiple kids with multiple demands, checking the food on the stove and keeping up an adult conversation with her husband. These types of demands occur on a daily basis within any business as well. From answering emails to ticking off the hundreds of tasks on your to-do list all while trying to land a new client. This is not even taking into consideration working with kids running around. Multi-tasking comes so naturally to moms that running their own business becomes a piece of cake!

Great problem solvers

I am sure that every mom has had the experience of “just quickly” running into a shop and not seeing the need for the diaper bag. I mean picking up bread and milk will only take 10 minutes? Ninety percent of the time, this will not end well, usually with the baby spitting up milk all over your clothes. As an entrepreneur, just like a mother, you need to think on your feet. You need to come up with a solution at the drop of a hat. So, what do you do? Well, you use your scarf or shirt sleeve as an impromptu face cloth.

Strong and resilient

As all moms know, you don’t really have a choice other than to be tough. No matter how tired you are or how sick you feel, if your child needs you, you get up, put a smile on your face and comfort or play with them. Just like a mom, an entrepreneur doesn’t get sick leave. If you don’t do the work, then no one will. This resilience will allow you to build your business no matter how hard the circumstances may be.

Motherhood is your manual to business success 

To all of the momtrepreneurs out there, you are doing an amazing job! And to all of the future momtrepreneurs out there, use the skills that motherhood has taught you to build your business into a giant success. Jill Salzman has an amazing TED TALK for all momtrepreneurs out there which will inspire and motivate you to keep doing what you are doing. So moms, use motherhood as a manual to become a great entrepreneur, or rather momtrepreneur!

Written by Nadja

I am a writer and editor with a passion for education and children's literature.

Feb 3, 2021

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