nuance editing and writing

“To write is human, to edit is divine.”

– Stephen King

Nuance enhances, simplifies, and polishes your language in all its forms. We offer a variety of specialized language services. Anything editing and writing-related is what Nuance excels at.

We journey with our clients through the maze of content creation, guiding you every step of the way to ensure that your vision is translated into powerful language. It doesn’t matter where you are in the process of content creation. In other words, whether you’re mulling over ideas on a page or have a completed document in need of a clean-up, we’re here for you!

Nuance services your language needs with a sense of elegance and sophistication treating your work with respect, professionalism and precision. Consequently, our approach to editing and writing is modern, clean and polished – the very essence of our field of specialisation. Most importantly, we opt for a sense of minimalism to make your message as clear and powerful as it can be.

Page through a selection of work that the Nuance partners have completed successfully through Nuance and their previous roles. Also, view our most recent long-term book production and promotion project below. 


Written. Edited. Nuanced.


nuance editing and writing

For our corporate clients

Our aim is to work with your brand’s unique voice and to polish your language without compromising your message or your corporate identity. As such, our priority lies in helping you to convey your message to the right people and in the right manner. Above all, it is important that your target audience understands what you want to say by understanding the language that is used to convey that message. In other words, Nuance will help you get your voice heard.

Our Services


noun [ U ]



the process of making changes to a text or film, deciding what will be removed and what will be kept in, in order to prepare it for being printed or shown (Cambridge Dictionary)

General Editing

  • General copy-editing
  • Heavy copy-editing (including structural / developmental editing)
  • Proofreading
  • Reference checking and editing


Specific editing

  • Academic theses
  • Corporate content
  • Specialist content
  • Textbooks
  • Children’s fiction
nuance editing and writing




the written word, such as stories or poems, of one person or a group of people; the activity of creating pieces of written work, such as stories, poems, or articles; the skill or activity of producing words on a surface (Cambridge Dictionary)

Content Development:

  • Corporate content
  • Educational content
  • Online content development:
    • Website content
    • Content marketing
    • Copy writing
    • Content writing
    • Blog writing
    • SEO content 



    nuance editing and writing

    Feel free to contact us to receive a detailed explanation of the services that we offer.

    About Us

    Nuance’s mission is to hone our specialised skills and knowledge in order to provide our clients with an all-encompassing editing and writing service. It is here where stellar work relationships spark effective communication. As a result, we gain insight into our clients’ vision to best communicate your message. In addition, we make use of the most suitable strategies and techniques to provide our clients with a personalised service that is as unique as your business.

    nuance editing and writing
    nuance editing and writing

    Nuance promises to…

    • prioritise your business,
    • handle your work with professionalism, integrity and care,
    • treat your work with sensitivity and confidentiality,
    • communicate with you openly and frequently,
    • provide honest and constructive feedback,
    • enhance the overall quality of your work,
    • meet your needs and realistic expectations,
    • foster a pleasant work relationship with you,
    • produce deliverables based on the agreed upon schedule,
    • provide a productive content creation nuanced experience, and
    • deliver a high-quality, nuanced product.


    It was wonderful working with Nuance Editing & Writing. Not only was their editing top-notch, but they gave useful advice throughout the editing process. It was easy and hassle-free to work with them, and communication was open and timely. I would recommend using their services, as they are sure to deliver an excellent service.

    Aimee Armstrong
    Freelance Publishing Coordinator.

    Nuance has been available for us for all our editorial needs. They deliver work that is not only perfectly edited, but also considers how it fits into the bigger picture. Every detail is always considered. It is a pleasure working with Nuance and we will definitely use them for all our editing jobs in future.

    Kerry Moolman
    Managing Director – Kadi, creative design solutions

    Saskia at Nuance Editing and Writing:

    It has been such fun having you and your company on board our Giftlands team. Your valuable ‘final edit’ has completed our stories with the exactness I have always wanted. To put it this way, I feel safe having you look over the words I pen away. Thank you for every valuable contribution! Keep doing what you do!

    Vangi Pantazis
    Author of Giftlands series.

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